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"Time is the most important factor when dealing with water damage. That's why we provid 24 hour support to ensure that our clients are always available to them in case of an emergency."

  • If theres is excess water on your floor be sure to turn off the power in your home
  • If possible located the leak and shut off water at the source
  • Avoid walking on wet or soiled carpet 
  • If safe to do so remove items that can be damaged by moisture 
  • Plan on having a service professional move furniture within your home or office
  • Be sure to clean yourself or others who have come in contact with damaged items of floor

Accidents are inevitable and when dealing with pipe leaks, excess rain or floods its important that you call a professional right away. Trying to handle these situations yourself can be dangerous and costly. Many people don't know the steps involded when dealing with water damage and to ensure the safest route for handling this you can trust Bio/Chem to be there for you 24 hours a day. We are capable of handling clean water spills through hazardous black water. Bio Chem is here to ensure the safety of your home and family. 

In the unfortuante even of this happening to you there is a list of steps you can take to minimize the damage.

(Some of these may seem more obvious than others)

Water Damage 24/7

Tile & grout cleaning is the next step in our cleaning efforts to provide you with cleaner and healthier floors. Doing these jobs yourself can be physically demanding and take hours out ouf your day to accomplish. You also have to worry about damaging your tile floor with bleach or harsh chemicals. You can avoid the risk and hassle of this by having professional cleanings that extend the life of your tile floors and keep them looking at their optimum. Just like our carpets we will inspect each type of flooring to determine the best cleaning process for your individual needs. Using our high pressure truck mounts we are able to get into the pores of your grout and remove dirt and bacteria that you cannot get with conventional cleaning. After our cleaning is complete we then ensure long lasting results by adding our grout sealer which leaves the floor with an even waterproof finish. 

​Tile & Grout

"Manufacturers Like How We Clean"

" Here at Bio Chem we want to  provide you with

 results you can see from a company you can trust"

Carpet Cleaning in Portland

Having a clean home not only makes you feel good about yourself, but shows others how much you care about your home and the health of the people within it. Your carpet is one of your biggest home investments and the biggest factor affecting air quality in your home. Regular vacuuming routines followed by routine professional cleaning greatly improves the air quality within your home or office. Your carpet, just like any air filter in your home will reach a point where it will become full and require service. Without treatment you are allowing them to become saturated with allergens and bacteria that with spread throughout the home.

By allowing us to treat your carpets  you can breathe easy knowing that we are doing our best to keep indoor air quality at an optimum for you and your family. Don't trust your most expensive home investments with just anyone. We take the utmost care when it comes to your carpet needs. We understand that ever carpet cleaning situation is unique and that each person has different needs.  So you can count on our experienced team to bring you the safest and most effective means of cleaning your home. 

Our cleaning system was created to increase the life of your carpet and provide a healthy and safe environment for your home or workplace. To achieve this level of clean we use hot water rotary extraction. With our high powered truck mount we are able to ensure constant temperatures throughout our process to ensure that your carpet is cleaned deeply and evenly. Also with our truck mounts we are able to extract the moist moisture from your carpet leaving less dry time compared to portables or lesser truck mount models. 

Hot water extraction is the most preferred cleaning method by fiber producers and carpet manufacturers. They have found that this process best utilizes the four components of soil suspension (time, agitation, chemical, temperature). Hot water extraction is also the only method that is considered restorative in its results as opposed to just clean with other carpet cleaning methods.